From: "Toby Meyer"
To: "Satoshi Uchida"
Subject: Re: order of speciality chemicals
Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 10:51:01 +0200

Dear Dr. Uchida,

Thanks for your interest in our specialty chemicals and the dye solar cells.

We are preparing now the ordered products and they will be shipped by
express mail in ca. one week from now. The parcel will include the invoice
with all the bank account numbers. Shipping is ca. US $ 75.00 and takes ca.
three days to Japan.

The products come along with an instruction leaflet explaining the
assembling of the dye solar cells and some precautions to take with the
chemicals. The doctor blade technique is also explained with details - the
practical is very simple compared to the text !

Up to now, we are only making small prototype cell of the size of a post
stamp to drive electronics goods such as calculators or bathroom scales.

Larger modules are under development but it will take still several years
before a product will be available. Moreover, dye solar cells are quite
heavy as they use two glass sheets as substrates, so they would be not very
practical for a lightweight solar car

Please let us know if you need more informations and

Best Regards,

Dr. Toby Meyer